Blue King Crab
    This is crab species called Blue King crab because carapace blue spots on the sides and white bottom. Average diameter carapace reaches 220 mm , weight is up to 4.5 kg. Average size of Blue King crab is 170–180 mm.

  • FISHING OR CATCHING  October — January 
Red King Crab
    Well-known crab species from Far East. Usually leg span reaches 15 cm (5,9 inches). The average weight of Red King crab is 1.5–3.5 kg.

  • DELIVERY PERIOD October — January 
  • FISHING OR CATCHING June — December

King Crab

Delivered cooked-frozen and raw-frozen

DELIVERY PERIOD     January – December

PACKING                Carton box № 10

SHELF-LIFE              24 mo.(cooked-frozen) /12 mo.(raw-frozen) STORAGE

TEMPERATURE         -18 ˚С GLAZE in accordance with industry standards

BLAST FROZEN         Air

SECTIONS SIZE        5L 1,200 g 4L 1,100–1,200 g 3L 900–1,100 g 2L 700— 900 g L 500–700 g M 300–500 g

 FISHING SEASON     January – December

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